Romania impresses with its great natural landscapes and its rich history. It offers a varied landscape along the Danube, the picturesque Carpathians, the Black Sea coast and the Danube Delta as the largest and best preserved European river delta.If you want to spend your vacation in the Danube Delta, we are at your disposal with a list of tourist destinations in the environment and not only. From here you can easily travel to other special places that Romania offers tourists.

Tudor Vladimirescu Monastery

Vladimireşti Monastery is located 4 km from Tudor Vladimirescu Municipality and is a place of pilgrimage and dining for those who know its history or come here as a visitor. Nunnery with…

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(from Galati – 28 mi/45 km | from Braila 31 mi/50 km)

Cocoșu Monastery

The Cocoș Monastery is 35 km (22 miles) from Tulcea and is run by a community of monks. The monastery is in a secluded place, at the foot of a hill, surrounded by the scent of the linden forests. The first documentary mentions…

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(from Galati – 37 mi/60 km | from Braila 43 mi/70 km)

Măcin Mountains

The Măcin Mountains are a mountain range in the Tulcea County, in the historic Dobrogea countryside in Romania. As part of the northern Dobruja massif, it lies between the Danube and the Black Sea. The highest elevation…

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(from Galati – 43 mi/70 km | from Braila 24 mi/40 km)

Mărășești Mausoleum

The Mărășești Mausoleum is a historical monument dedicated to the most important of the heroes of the First World War. It is located in Vrancea because this is where the main fighting on the Eastern Front took place. 480 died in these battles in Mărășești…

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(from Galati – 62 mi/100 km | from Braila 65 mi/105 km)

The mud volcanoes

The mud volcanoes (Romanian: Vulcanii Noroioși) are located in the Berca municipality in the Buzău district. As early as 1924, the area with a size of 30 km² (11.5 square miles) was declared a nature reserve. The main attraction of the protected area…

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(from Galati – 81 mi/130 km | from Braila 65 mi/105 km)

Târgu Ocna Salt Mine

The Târgu Ocna Salt Mine is located in the spa town of Târgu Ocna in the Bacău County. It is the third largest salt mine and one of the oldest salt mines in Romania, it / she houses the Trotuș mine at a depth of 240 m, the largest facility in the…

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(from Galati – 112 mi/180 km | from Braila 118 mi/190 km)

Constanța / Mamaia

Romania has one of the most popular tourist resorts, Mamaia, a seaside resort that attracts thousands of Romanian and foreign tourists every year. If you want a few nice days full of charm, fun, adrenaline and…

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(from Galati – 118 mi/190 km | from Braila 105 mi/170 km)

Constanța City

Constanta is the second most important city in Romania, a port and a tourist city that is a joy for the soul in all seasons. It is a wonderful city that combines a thousand years of history with modernity…

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(from Galati – 118 mi/190 km | from Braila 112 mi/180 km)

More to visit in the mountainous region of Brasov – Prahova

Brașov City

Kronstadt is one of the most tourist-visited cities in Romania, thousands of people come here every year. Its beauty, charm and passion leave you speechless. It’s the perfect and ideal place where to…

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(from Galati – 168 mi/270 km | from Braila 161 mi/260 km)

Râşnov Fortress

This rock spur was already a fortification in the Dacian times, more than 2000 years ago, as the latest archaeological discoveries have shown. The Teutonic Order hired by the Hungarian monarchy…

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(from Galati – 177 mi/285 km | from Braila 174 mi/280 km)

Bran Castle

Bran Castle, known worldwide under the name of Dracula’s Castle, is a tourist attraction of great impact and importance for this country. The castle serves as the template for several Hollywood films in which Dracula is the…

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(from Galati – 183 mi/295 km | from Braila 177 mi/285 km)

Black Church

The over 500 year old Black Church is one of the landmarks of Brasov and also one of the most representative buildings of the Transylvanian Gothic. It got its current name in 1689 after a fire that spread over the…

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(from Galati – 168 mi/270 km | from Braila 161 mi/260 km)

Cantacuzino Castle

Cantacuzino Castle is one of the main attractions both in the resort of Bușteni and in the entire Prahova Valley area. A beauty that reminds us of the old days with princes and princesses, as if you were here in a…

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(from Galati – 168 mi/270 km | from Braila 152 mi/245 km)

Slănic Prahova Salt Mine

Slănic Prahova Salt Mine is a salt mining company in Slănic, a resort in Prahova County. It is 100 km (60 miles) from Bucharest and it was opened to visitors after 1970…

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(from Galati – 140 mi/225 km | from Braila 124 mi/200 km)

More to visit in the Neamţ – Iasi region

Izvorul Muntelui Reservoir

Lake Izvorul Muntelui is located in the central part of the Bistrița River in the Eastern Carpathians of Romania, 4 km (2.5 miles) upstream from the town of Bicaz in the Neamț district. The lake, also called Bicaz Lake, is the largest artificial lake in inland Romania…

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(from Galati – 186 mi/300 km | from Braila 192 mi/310 km)

Neamț Fortress

The real fortress is a Moldovan creation located near Târgu Neamţ and about 46 km (26 miles) from the town of Piatra Neamţ. It belongs to the category of Medieval Monuments of Exceptional Value in Romania…

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(from Galati – 174 mi/280 km | from Braila 183 mi/295 km)

Sturdza Castle

This castle, also known as the Strudza Palace, was built between 1880 and 1904 by Gheorghe Sturdza and his wife Maria in the village of Miclăușeni. It is located in the northeast of Romania, about 65 km (40 miles) from the city of Iasi. The building was…

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(from Galati – 155 mi/250 km | from Braila 161 mi/260 km)

Iasi City

Iaşi, the former capital of Moldova, is known for its beauty and charm. You shouldn’t miss an opportunity to come to Iasi, where “every stone speaks of the past” and a large number of historical buildings…

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(from Galati – 137 mi/220 km | from Braila 149 mi/240 km)

More to visit in Galati

The waterfront | The city park “Mihai Eminescu” | The park Viva | The Paul Păltănea History Museum | The city garden | The fortress church of St. Precista | The television tower | The Natural History Museum – The Botanical Garden of the Natural History Museum – The Aquarium – The Planetarium | The zoo | The “Vovidenia” Church | Aquapark | Museum of Fine Arts | Greek Church | The dramatic theater

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More to visit in Braila

The Independence Square | The Park Monument | The Museum of Bräila | The zoological garden | The Danube promenade | The spa and monastery of Lacu Sărat | The clock from Brăila | The small island of Brăila | Brăila Ethnography and Folk Art Museum

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